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Next Generation of Normal Boat Maintenance

Ceramic coatings for boats are the next generation of maintenance!
No more constant waxing. Cutting-edge SiO2 Nanotechnology saves you time and money, and gives you more time to enjoy yourself out on the water.

At Marine Nano Shop we've developed a ceramic coating system designed specifically for boat and yacht applications. Included in the marine nano-ceramic coating system is a range of compounds and polishes manufactured to provide the best possible finish for your marine vessel. Whether you have a flybridge power cruiser in need of gel-coat restoration or a new fishing boat on a trailer, we have a complimenting nano-ceramic solution.

Not only does our preparation system present your yacht or boat with an exceptionally glossy hydrophobic finish, but it also outlasts traditional waxes and makes washdown less of a chore. Fish, wind and salt spray can crust your watercraft in salt. Our marine-grade ceramic treatment forms a protective barrier that prevents dirt and debris from bonding at a molecular level. For a more in-depth explanation, check out our blog.

We understand that some people are new to ceramic coatings for boats, gel-coat protection or just boating in general, which is where our application articles and network of expert ceramic applicators can assist.

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