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Removing Ash Stains from Bush Fires

Removing Ash Stains from Bush Fires


     By now anyone with a boat moored in the vivacity of the devastating fires which have affected the vast majority of Australia this fire season will have found their boat to be stained with yellow and brown stains where ash has landed on the gelcoat. This has occurred from the residual eucalyptus oil in the leaf ash transferring itself into the gelcoat which is porous and locking itself in the gelcoat.

    Though out our local marina all boats with gelcoat finishes have been affected. I have also witnessed a number of unsuccessful attempts to remove the stains with everything from detergents to cutting compounds. 

    Fortunately after consulting with technical team they have investigated the combination of elements staining the gelcoats and their advice was to apply our Venom water spot remover. Even though the primary application is to remove water spots it highly effective in removing the ash stains in the gelcoat.

The process is simple

  1. Dilute the Venom water spot remover between 2(Water):1(Venom) and 10:1 dependent on the severity of the staining and the condition of the gelcoat.
  2. Apply with a sponge on shinny polished surfaces and a soft brush on the non-skid areas of the boat massage in gently.
  3. Leave for 3 – 5 Minutes and hose off thoroughly.
  4. The surface is now clean ready for polishing or sealing, again dependent of the condition of the surface.